Okoye And W’Kabi’s Chemistry Is On Fuel Display In Deleted BP Scene

Once upon a time, people believed that science fiction films were devoid of powerful acting. That time, though, is now long gone.  No series of sci-fi films has ever hammered this proverbial nail quite like the offerings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The Black Panther film, directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Chadwick Boseman, is filled with great drama, in-depth performances by its primary players. 

However, as is the case with most movies, some of the best examples of this were left on the cutting room floor during the editing process.  
A confrontation between W’Kabi, played by Oscar-nominated actor Daniel Kaluumba, and Okoye, played by actress Danai Gurira was such a scene.

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This just-released #BlackPanther deleted scene features a powerful performance by @DanaiGurira as Okoye and Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi: https://t.co/hzwrkaaPGR

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