Ohio Rep Bill Johnson Compares LeBron James to Donald Trump

LeBron James has made it pretty clear that hes not a huge Donald Trump fan. The NBA’s best player is even entertaining the possibility of not showing up at the White House to meet him Trump if the Cavs repeat as NBA champs.

The two guys may not be fans of each other, but according to Ohio Republican Bill Johnson, the two royal power wielders are peas in a pod.

When pressed, Johnson told TMZ that both men are superstars and they “never give up”. ESPN’s First Take crew expounded on the comparisons saying that both men are thin-skinned as far as criticisms and challenges posed by other people.

Then, they had a discussion about each man’s ability to wield great power in their respective careers. Trump as a capitalist-driven, real estate mogul turned tough-talking President and LeBron, who probably has more power and control than any superstar in NBA history including Michael Jordan. LeBron controls his team’s salary cap, how money is spent, whom it’s given to, the coaches that are brought in and it goes on and on.

With that in mind, both guys tend to be intriguing and quite annoying to the common person and that is their most similar trait in my opinion.

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