Odd Couple Radio Co-Host Chris Broussard Says Finals MVPs Aren’t That Important, Players Just Want To Win

With the NBA Finals slated to begin tonight, a lot of the conversations have been about Steph Curry’s lack of Finals MVP hardware has dominated the social media mosh pit. 

While he’s won three titles, the baby-faced assassin has yet to capture an ultimate series MVP. Those have gone to current teammate Andre Iguodala (1) and former teammate Kevin Durant (2), but Steph takes it all in stride and he cares about only the final result. But there are still those who push the narrative that Curry needs a Finals MVP to strengthen his legacy. Maybe even get him a spot on the Mount Rushmore of all-time greats. Some even made ludicrous comments like Steph was carried to titles by other players. 

FS1 personality Chris Broussard, spoke on this very topic on a recent episode of “First Things First.”

He doesn’t believe that Steph really cares if he wins Finals MVP and that’s why he’s always in the title hunt.  

“I believe when you get to the Finals, you just wanna win. I don’t care … If I’m Steph, and Klay Thompson lights it up and we win? I’m not tripping if he gets MVP. I got my fourth ring.

 Broussard continued with a solid comparison. 

“Isiah Thomas battled with Larry Bird, was losing to Bird, and beating Jordan, finally gets over the hump and wins his first championship in 1989 and guess who’s the Finals MVP? Joe Dumars. Not only another player, but another guard. Do you think Isiah cared? It was a championship that they were seeking.”



Thomas did win Finals MVP in 1990, but what Broussard is stressing is that no matter who wins that award, the ultimate goal was winning the title. Just like that was “Zeke’s” team, the Warriors are Curry’s team.

Kareem Has Only Two Finals MVPs But Six Rings

Broussard also turned back the clock to mention the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s six titles and just two Finals MVPs. While he isn’t saying it’s an irrelevant award, Broussard wants folks to put it in perspective when you consider what the ultimate goal is.

“Kareem? Kareem has six championships, he’s got two Finals MVPs. He won it way back with the Bucks and then his first two championships with the Lakers, Magic Johnson won it. A youngster. You think Kareem cared? So that’s my point. I get it. It means something. I’m not saying it’s irrelevant.

“I’m just saying you go through a full season, you go through three rounds and you get to that championship, man, you just wanna win it all.”



Curry Has Two MVPs: Only Unanimous MVP in NBA History

The selflessness of Curry makes this a moot point, but since there are those that keep drumming it up as a story, let’s talk about Curry’s two League MVPs, which is something most other Finals MVPs have failed to match. After being named MVP in 2014-15, Curry came back even better in 2015-16 to become the league’s only unanimous MVP.

That unanimous MVP is something no one else has and it is an 82-game award that trumps a Finals MVP, which so many have won. If Steph does add that elusive Finals MVP to his trophy case, then so be it, and if he doesn’t and they win, whoever does win it will more than likely owe Curry for taking so much of the opposing team’s attention.

Former Celtics star Antoine Walker says Curry doesn’t need it to validate his legacy any further. 



The greatest shooter in basketball history’s iconic stature is solidified and he can only add to it, not detract from it. It’s all gravy from here on out.

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