Ochocinco Tops His Own List Of Dumb Moves, Lands Himself In Jail

Chad Johnson was in court today after violating terms of his probation, stemming from a domestic violence case last year. He faced 30 days in jail before his lawyer worked a plea deal. Instead, Johnson's probation would be extended to Dec. 21 with 25 additional hours of community service and counselling sessions. That was, until Johnson Beyonce'd his lawyer in celebration. 

Via Local10.com:

"You better thank your lawyer. He did a great job for you," Broward Circuit Court Judge Kathleen McHugh told Johnson after he accepted the plea deal.  

Johnson then slapped his attorney, Adam Swickle, on the butt. The courtroom erupted in laughter, but McHugh said she didn't think Johnson was taking his case seriously and rejected the plea deal.

When the case was recalled, Judge McHugh sentenced Johnson to the original 30 days as well as the terms of the plea deal. Ouch. 

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