“Now ‘Westbrick’ To Me Is Now Shaming My Name” | Russell And Nina Westbrook Want You To Put Respect On Their Name

Russell Westbrook and his family are getting tired of the Lakers star being called “Westbrick,” and they are not having it anymore.

During a “Breakfast Club” interview, former Rocafella Records CEO Dame Dash said it best when describing how he viewed his legacy when he said, “I’mma hustle for my last name, don’t hustle for my first.”

With the Lakers being in the doldrums of a lackluster season that has brought more hype than substance as a superstar unit of veterans, many have blamed Westbrook heavily.

The Peanut Gallery

None more so than Skip Bayless of Fox Sports’ show “Undisputed,” who uses the term “Westbrick” on his show with co-host Shannon Sharpe to describe Westbrook so much that you would think it’s personal.

“Allow me to start by saying just from my point of view, I do have a heart for this, and it does bother me that it is bothering his wife and children so much. But it’s not my fault; it’s not Twitter’s fault, it’s not Laker Nation’s fault, it’s the father’s fault,” Bayless said on Tuesday’s show.

“Because to your point [Shannon Sharpe], let’s frame this with the perspective of he missed nine more shots last night at San Antonio against a team that was fifteen games under .500 without LeBron or without [Carmelo] Anthony.”

Family Matters

Nina Westbrook, the wife of Russell, revealed last week that the level of disrespect from both the media and the people on social media had hit a fever pitch, and their last name is the casualty.

Because in the world of sports entertainment, no one remembers that some children and families are the victims suffering in silence from prolonged and habitual heckling.

Plus, this is only Russell Westbrook’s first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. As a 14-year veteran with nine All-Star appearances, the former league MVP is now defending his family name with the same zeal he would use to protect his actual family because the two are intrinsically linked.

Russell Westbrook Speaks

“I 100 percent stand behind my wife and how she’s feeling,” Westbrook said in a post-game interview after playing the San Antonio Spurs on Monday. “This is just a game. When it comes to basketball, I don’t mind the criticism of missing and making shots. But the moment it becomes where my name is getting shamed, it becomes an issue.
“I’ve kind of let it go in the past because it never really bothered me. But it really kind of hit me the other day. Me and my wife were at teacher-parent conference for my son and the teacher told me, ‘Noah, he’s so proud of his last name.

“He writes it everywhere. He writes it on everything. He tells everybody and walks around and says, ‘I’m Westbrook.’ And I kind of sat there in shock, and it hit me, like, ‘Damn. I can no longer allow people, for example, now “Westbrick” to me is now shaming my name, my legacy for my kids.”

So whether it’s Skip Bayless or the random millions who love the purple and gold team from Southern California, the Westbrooks don’t have it anymore, and all disrespect will get checked.

You have been warned.

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