Not All Games Begin Equal | Texas A&M Uses Hilarious Mistake As Winning Motivation

Texas A&M got a technical foul for forgetting jerseys before game started against Florida Gators
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Almost every basketball game in the history of the sport has started out 0 to 0 at the initial tipoff. But through a hilarious turn of events, a game started as 1-0 before a field goal was even attempted.

Why did Texas A&M forget game jerseys? 

Texas A&M took on the Florida Gators and did something hysterical to start off the new year. Right before the game started, it was revealed they forgot their game jerseys at the team’s hotel, and a technical foul was assessed. After the made free throw, the game began 1-0.

Texas A&M staff had to go back to the team’s hotel to retrieve the jerseys. As hilarious as this situation already is, the best part was that nobody knew that the Aggies didn’t have their jerseys until right before tipoff. 

According to Fox News, this error led to Florida guard Will Richard being granted a free throw, which gave the Florida Gators their 1-0 lead to start the contest.

Fox News quoted broadcaster Tom Hart as saying “We’re not quite sure how long this delay is going to be. What we do know is they ruled out playing shirts and skins, so we’ll wait,” 

Fox News also quoted announcer Jimmy Dykes saying, “Ninety-five percent of teams in college basketball warm up in a shooting shirt with an undershirt underneath it. They don’t go back and put their jersey on until they clear the floor for the last time before the national anthem.”


Did Aggies beat Florida Gators? 

Though the Florida Gators started this game up 1-0, the Aggies would go on to win 66-63. 

The Aggies won for the first time in six games at Florida, and this win also gave head coach Buzz Williams a win in his 500th game as head coach. 

It seems that Williams already has a good idea of what he’ll tell them.


Buzz Williams To Blame For Missing Jerseys?

ESPN quotes Buzz Williams saying, “I forgot the jerseys in my hotel room, that’s probably the right way to say it, because I used to be a manager. If that would have happened, my head coach would have stuck up for me. You don’t want the jerseys to get wrinkled so they hang them in my room, and I just forgot to put them on the bus.”

While Williams took the blame for the mishap, his players returned the favor, going up by as much as 11 points in the opening half. 

While it was probably hard work and communication that helped Texas A&M nab a win over Florida, some are going with the idea that it was the jersey situation that helped them play with an edge.

ESPN quoted Texas A&M’s Julius Marble as saying “I think the jerseys were a big part of that.”

“It was an option. They were maroon,” Marble said. “We’re like, ‘Look, we’ll wear the practice jerseys. We’re underdogs. We’ll grind it out. We don’t care.'”

Whatever works, right?

To be fair though, if the desired outcome was achieved, they should forget their uniforms every game and start each contest down 1-0. Theoretically, they’d go undefeated for the rest of the season.