Nipsey Was Helping A Friend Get Back On His Feet Before He Was Murdered

Nispey was helping a friend when he was shot and killed.

According to TMZ, at the time of rapper Nipsey Hussle‘s untimely death, he was at store gathering items for a friend who had just been released from prison after 20 years.

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This is heartbreaking. Nipsey finds out his homeboy is out of jail after 20 years, gets right up, leaves his house to go his store to get the guy fresh so he can see his family. Doesn’t even tell his security. Gets gunned down right there.

The late rapper was trying to get some gear so that his friend could look presentable before meeting up with his own family and friends later that day. Nipsey did not notify his team or his security that he’d be going to the store solo. And that no one in his camp knew he’d left home.

Nipsey was shot 6 times Sunday outside of his store. His friend is one of the other two people who were injured in Sunday’s shooting. The third guy was the friend’s nephew, who drove him to Marathon Clothing.

Police have since arrested 29-year-old Eric Holder as the alleged gunman. Holder was brought into custody Tuesday after a 2-day manhunt.

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Cops have placed Nipsey Hussle’s alleged murderer Eric Holder in solitary confinement, citing fears for his safety. His bond is set at $7,040,000:

Celebrities, athletes, and fans alike have been showing their support via social and interviews since the news broke. Russell Westbrook dedicated his 20-20-20 performance at last night’s game to the late rapper.



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