Nike Predicts Title Through LeBron’s Shoes, Smug Index Hits All-Time High

As the Finals winds down, the NBA is continuing its annual policy of stocking up on championship apparel for both Finals competitors. I'm not sure when it became standard practice, but at some point the NBA and other major sports began ingthe losing team's championship shirts to international humanitarian aid groups.

Somewhere in a third-world country, cats are rocking 1994 and 1999 New York Knicks championship apparel. If the Miami Heat don't pull out with a W in Game 6 tonght, they may be getting some fresh new LeBron X's to match. According to CBS Sports (H/T to Kix and the City), Nike prematurely commemorated James' second NBA championship by inscribing "2-time champion" into the sole of his shoes.

If the Heat do win, then this may go down in the NBA's premeditated cockiness lore alongside Magic Johnson's decision to bring one day's worth of clothing back to Boston before Game 6 of the '85 Finals. Maybe James really is channeling his inner Magic.


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