Nick Saban Ranked No.12 On Fortune’s Top 50’s Greatest Leaders

    Nick Sabans track record enroute to rebuilding Alabama into college footballs premier dynasty is filled with instances of leadership, galvanizing his troops and etching out a ridiculously lucrative elite empire known as the Crimson Tide, so leadership is his thing. 

    Januarys thrilling National Championship win behind the arm of 19-year-old true freshman Tua Tagovailoa, gave Saban his fifth national title in nine years at Alabama. Add an earlier one he won at LSU in 2003, and his six rings match Alabama legend Paul Bear Bryant for the most football championships by a college coach in the so-called poll era, dating back to 1936 

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    Alabama head coach Nick Saban is once again featured on Fortune’s list of World’s 50 Greatest Leaders via @247Sports

    As much as we respect Nick Sabans leadership, success and iconic stature, its still quite ridiculous that in the eyes of Fortune Magazine, Saban is one of the greatest leaders in the world and hes pretty high up on the list, too. 

    Fortune revealed its annual top 50 list that Saban came in at No. 12, just behind Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, and ahead of Emmanuel Macron, the president of France and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

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    @FortuneMagazine has chosen Coach Saban as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders. #RollTide #OutworkYesterday

    Saban has tremendous power in college football and in the Alabama community and surrounding areas which are hotbeds for the best pro prospects, but Sabans power does not extend to the pros so I don’t see how he could ascend so high based on his popularity in one part of the country. In fact, he was a mediocre pro coach who went 15-17 in two seasons with the Miami Dolphins before returning to college and reaching new heights at the ameteur level. Saban is a legendary college coach and a tremendous leader, but he’s not overseeing anything but a football program, so he’ll never be on my list of Top 50 leaders.  

    Fortune 500 says otherwise and this isnt the first time they have honored him and boosted his brand with this distinction. 

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