NFLPA Releases A Statement In Response To Jerry Jones’ Threats

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith released a statement in response to Jerry Jones egotistical and oppressive threat to fire Dallas Cowboys players who dont stand for the national anthem. Jones’ latest display of ignorance is sickening as he continues to paint the protests as a form of disrespect to the flag in order to shift the narrative and public sentiment in the favor of the billionaire owners who could care less about the true meaning of kneeling.  

With all that has transpired since Donald Trump put the clamps on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and instructed his Vice President to walk out of an NFL game where players were taking a knee against racial oppression and social injustice in this country, Smith was obviously compelled to refocus the situation and remind owners of their obligations to their players as well. This isnt a one way street and slavery ended years ago.  

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Executive Director of the NFLPA responds: “No player is disrespecting our country or our flag.”

Its sad to see that when Jones took a knee and locked arms with Cowboys players in Week 3 that it was truly his own publicity stunt. It was strictly business. He did it in hoes that the players would return to business as usual, as quickly as possible. 

However, these blatantly racist, oppressive and comical attempts of spoiled billionaires to squash protests, threaten to fire folks and attempts to break the spirit and purpose of Colin Kaepernick’s original message is as un-American as anything. Anyone who supports the owners and this kind of oppressive behavior are fools with no concept of history in this country. 

Its sad to see people attempt to turn such a necessary message into niggers not knowing their place. It sickens me to the core and turns my stomach and if I wasnt 100 percent emotionally invested in these protests, well the uncompromising and undebatable need for these moments of social consciousness are becoming more apparent to me everyday. 

And now another can of racially-charged worms is opened, forcing the players hands again. It’s still happening all over sports. Will they cower in the billion dollar face of oppression or will they unite and become even stronger and show the owners that you cant monetize or belittle a black life. Those days are over.

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