The NFL Is Caught In An Ezekiel Elliott Conspiracy Theory

Roger Goodell just got a fresh new 5-year, $200 million extension with the NFL. But the same old shenanigans are going on, whereas there seems to be no direction, cohesive plan or leadership in the leagues front offices. 

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Roger Goodell is reportedly close to getting a 5-year contract extension as #NFL commissioner. @EvCoRadio: Why now? @FiteGroup #Top5at5

The Ezekiel Elliott case is now turning into an ugly mess of a situation for the NFL, which seems to have committed some ethically questionable maneuvers in dealing with the investigation and the levying of the six-game suspension.  

According to, Ezekiel Elliotts appeal hearing for his suspension concluded on Thursday  — with the NFLs lead investigator, Kia Roberts, reportedly testifying that she had recommended Elliott not be suspended, only to find her recommendation missing from the leagues final report.

Wait a minute. What? 

The lead investigator recommended that Elliott not be suspended at all and the NFL still hit him with six games? That just wreaks of PR garbage and this entire situation appears to be the NFL willing to smear and scapegoat a superstar to look tough on domestic violence. 

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Lets face the fact that the NFL is still living the nightmares of the Ray Rice incident and the horror stories of CTE-induced domestic violence. The league doesnt ever want to be labeled as complacent, compliant in encouraging or enabling of domestic violence again. 

Goodell has been particularly criticized for not reacting swiftly enough and enforcing harsh enough punishments for past domestic violence accusations and crimes. The NFL was under attack by various activist and womens rights groups, forcing the league to revamp its code of conduct policy and impose severe penalties on anyone even associated with a potential domestic violence situation.

Elliott knows has made some poor decisions, but it doesnt make what the NFL is doing to him right. 

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram also reported that Roberts, after interviewing Tiffany Thompson, Elliotts former girlfriend, recommended that Elliott not be suspended by the league. 

But Robertss recommendation was not included in the NFLs final report on the situation, and according to what a source told the Star-Telegram about Thursdays testimony, she was barred from a meeting with commissioner Goodell to discuss the leagues discipline of Elliott.

Elliotts team then used Roberts to testify on their behalf and is the potential game-changer in what they feel is controverting evidence to the leagues 13-month domestic violence investigation. 

Its those failures of the process that Elliott and the NFLPA attacked during the appeal hearing and plan to exploit if they have to go to federal court to seek a temporary injunction.

That Roberts recommendation didnt make it into the report and Roberts not being involved in the decision making, even though she ran point on the fact finding with the accuser, are trap doors that could come back to haunt the NFL if this goes to federal court.

Another nugget of note is the fact that Lisa Friel, the leagues senior vice president for investigations, was reportedly the person to recommend a six-game suspension and the person to bar Roberts from the meeting with Goodell. 

Sounds like Goodell and his cronies had a game plan and it was going to be executed by any means necessary. When Roberts’ report didn’t produce what they wanted, they made an executive order to bang Elliott anyway and strong-arm Roberts out of the mix. 

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NFL investigator Lisa Friel testified that she made a decision with NFL counsel to keep out the opposite conclusions of fellow NFL invest.

Right now, Elliotts football life is in the hands of arbitrator Harold Henderson, who will be making his decision soon because the cowboys and Giants meet on Sept. 10. 

Whether Elliott gets his suspension reduced or not isnt even the issue. It almost feels like that decision’s been made already. 

The NFL wants blood. 

They have to satisfy the various groups nipping at their heels to stay tough on domestic violence. And it is an issue that deserves the leagues full respect and attention. 

Its just not cool if Ezekiel Elliott is getting railroaded and the testimony of credible people are ignored for Goodell to accomplish an agenda. 

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