NFL Players Would Trade HGH Testing For Guaranteed Contracts

For years the NFL and the player's union have wrestled over HGH testing in the NFL. They've been unable to reach a compromise though. A few months ago, more lenient drug testng for marijuana was considered, but that talk has quelled. 

Instead,'s NFL Nation conducted a confidental survey to detemine what players would be willing to sacrifice in exchange for submitting to comprehensive HGH testing. Although it was included in the 2011 CB, the NFLPA wants Roger Goodell to currender his autonomous control over discilinary player appeals.

However, there is one bargaining chip the NFL could offer. However, there's as much of a chance of the NFL giving in to that request as there is of Dan Snyder relinquishing the Redskins nickname.


The survey asked 100-plus players: "What concessions would you make for guaranteed contracts?" Of the 82 players who answered the multiple-choice question, 63 percent said they would submit to HGH testing now if their contracts were guaranteed, such as those in Major League Baseball.

In addition to submitting to HGH testing, the players were also given the choices of an 18-game schedule (which 17 percent would agree to), five years to become a free agent instead of four (14 percent), more offseason practices (6 percent) or none of the choices.

It'll never happen. Besides everyone knows NFL trades are few and far between.

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