NFL Players Demand To Be Heard, Jacksonville Jaguars Players March In BLM Protest

Black men continue to be killed at the hands of cops, but hope resonates around the world as kids of all color embrace diversity and make a concerted effort to understand the importance of the George Floyd and police brutality protests. In step with the movement, NFL players have finally decided to push their cards to the middle of the table. 

Somewhere, Colin Kaepernick is smiling. When he risked his career and kneeled during the national anthem to bring attention to police brutality and social injustice, he sadly didn’t have the support of every NFL player. Some would say, his lack of support from fellow African-American players is the reason why Kap’s still being blackballed by NFL owners today. 

Well as we have seen with the multicultural protests and bi-partisan, bi-racial exhibitions of social solidarity going on across the country and around the world in Floyd’s honor, NFL players have been touched and are now willing to present NFL owners with an ultimatum; “Do Better” 

Denver Broncos’ head coach Vic Fangio did little to help the situation and much to stoke the flames of anger and division by failing to acknowledge the NFL’s race problem.

That was one of the last straws that broke the camel’s back.

The players began this morning with a united video message to the NFL.

The most profound question posed by the players to the owners and the stubborn and oppressive, older, white establishment,  came from Kansas City Chiefs player Tyrann Mathieu

The Honey Badger asked, “ How many times do we have to ask you to listen to your players?” 

The owners didn’t listen when players were taking knees and people were protesting in the streets against growing police brutality and system social injustice. The owners definitely aren’t listening to the Black media, players, and former NFL community members who have continuously chastised the league for failing to hire more than qualified minority candidates to leadership gigs. 

The NFL currently has just three Black Coaches and two Black general managers in a league that is more than 70 percent Black. The plantation mentality must go

In a strong showing of solidarity, the Jaguars had their own march to protest inequality today.

Said Jags wide receiver Chris Conley: “Today we say no more.”  

Maybe they will begin to listen now that the world is shifting and thousands of people of all denominations and races are banding together against racism, oppression, and brutality against people of color. 

In other positive NFL news relating to the protests and the effect that the awakening has had on everyone, Drew Brees might have fumbled the rock, but Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan scooped it up and ran it into the endzone with the announcement of a fund he has started for the Black community, which will be aimed at advancing lives in the black community of Atlanta.

Acknowledged enlightenment like this will play a huge part in getting this country on a course that will help ease the pain and years of special, educational, political, and systemic inequity suffered by the Black community. 

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