NFL forbids DeAngelo Williams from wearing pink after October

Similar to his teammate Cameron Hayward, Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has an issue with the NFL uniform policy.

Williams, who lost his mother last year, as well as four aunts previously, to breast cancer, contacted the NFL in effort to see if he can wear pink for the remainder of the season. 

The running back was notified by the league that he couldn’t wear any pink accessories after October, the month of breast cancer awareness.

He told me no. Im assuming they are telling everybody else no as well, said Williams.

It’s unclear why the NFL refuses to allow players to bring attention to worthy causes year round, but wouldn’t it be in the leagues best interests to allow one of their players passionate about raising awareness about breast cancer to deliver an even more powerful message throughout the season? With their history of mishandling domestic violence issues and relationship with women, going the extra mile certainly couldn’t hurt. 

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