NFL Draft 2021 First Round QB Grades

Trevor Lawrence was the unanimous top overall pick as expected to the Jaguars. For a franchise that was just one play away from the Super Bowl in 2017-18 with Blake Bortles under center. Most of the leaders on that team have moved on (Jalen Ramsey/ Calais Campbell/ Leonard Fournette). 



But this pick is solid as he was considered the best QB prospect in years by most. Now we’ll see how Urban Meyer adapts to the NFL where CONTROL isn’t as easily gained as it was on the collegiate level.

The offense is devoid of talent as of now, but I’ll give it an F – For Finally. And an A for we have “a” starting point for our rebuild.

Zach Wilson going to the Jets is odd and strange at the same time with Justin Fields sitting there and IMO a better prospect. This is another pick that was telegraphed for the longest, especially after the way they traded away Sam Darnold for a pile of loose change in Carolina’s sofa.


Wilson’s a talented kid who’s about to get thrown to the wolves with a rebuilding Jets franchise. If he doesn’t adapt quickly to the NFL he’ll end up another victim in a long line of “Just End The Season” QBs who flamed out because of bad team management from the top, down.

I’ll give this pick a G: For Good Luck Kid

Trey Lance to the Niners is very interesting as it wasn’t expected at all. Lance goes from an enigmatic FCS prospect to a prime-time selection at No. 3 overall. The consensus heading into the draft was that the Niners were taking Mac Jones with this pick.



Instead, they flipped the draft on its head by going with the high-risk selection. This also shows us why they are so reluctant to move Jimmy Garoppolo, as Lance will need a year at least before he’s ready. He does have some winning qualities; big arm, great athleticism, good size, and a track-record of being a good decision-maker under center.

This pick is a boom-or-bust.

I’ll give this pick an INCOMPLETE.

Justin Fields was disrespected the entire draft process and IMO he and Sunshine are the only franchise guys I see of the five chosen in the first round. Fields didn’t lose a game in the Big Ten and his only two collegiate losses came to Alabama and Clemson in the College Football Playoffs.

The Bears once again went all-in for a quarterback in the draft, giving up a treasure trove of picks to move up nine spots to draft Fields.


Fields heads to Chicago as a dual-threat QB with an immense amount of untapped talent. He’ll immediately enter a quarterback battle with Andy Dalton, and soon be the franchise guy.

“Da Bears” got lucky after passing on generational talents Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes for Mitch Trubisky in 2017. On Draft night, they were given a chance to right their wrongs.

I’ll give this an A: For All-In

Mac Jones had a meteoric rise this season as he led Alabama to an undefeated season and a National Championship. And after all that happened prior to this pick, the Patriots stayed put and got their presumed quarterback of the future.



Jones isn’t as flashy as the other quarterbacks, but he does come as a proven pocket passer. Reports have trickled out since the pick that the Pats were high on Jones but didn’t think he’d be there at No. 15. Now time will tell if they came away with the steal of this year’s draft class.

I’ll give this one a B: For Bill Got His Guy. Probably

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