NFL “Bad Boy” Colin Kaepernick Is Great For Business

The According to reports, Nike’s decision to endorse Colin Kaepernick has resulted in a $26.2 billion windfall for the company and now, 14 months later, Kap’s signature show is scheduled to be released in December.

Sources told Yahoo that the shoe will be sold worldwide and while they are not predicting an amount, in light of his sustained popularity and the firestorm of drama that he remains engaged in with the NFL in light of his sham workout, Nike has ramped up production since development in anticipation of a rush on the shows. 

Other reports say Kaepernick has already given us a preview of the shoe during his Atlanta workout last weekend when he was wearing a unique pair of lowcut Nike Air Force 1’s. 

If that’s true, then it’s further proof that Kap and the NFL are playing a cat and mouse game. The NFL tested Kap’s gangster with the unfair waiver that they asked him to sign in the 11th hour. He met their gangsta and proved that he was already prepared to tell the NFL to shove it.

Kap has already positioned himself to be financially secure when he finally does decide to retire from the sport on his terms. 

Kaepernick Is A Nike Cash Cow

As of Wednesday (November 20), Nike’s stock rose over 18 percent since the announcement of the Kaepernick deal. The company’s market cap has risen $26.2 billion over the same time period and is valued at nearly $146 billion. 

Kap isn’t solely responsible for the growth, but the fact that Nike could capitalize so lucratively on Kaepernick’s journey is also further proof that the majority of clear-thinking Americans stand by his kneeling for the anthem and the reasons why he did it. The people who correlate it with some twisted idea that he is disrespecting the media and law enforcement are really in the minority. Most are just blinded by money or hate.  

Nike unveiled the Colin Kaepernick icon jersey in 2018, which sold out almost immediately due to the overwhelming support and fan base the blackballed former quarterback has earned. He also made an appearance in a Nike commercial that was well-discussed on social media and news outlets.  

Nike generated $3 Billion in market value after siding with Kap and pulling the controversial  ‘Betsy Ross’ sneaker

Since Nike signed Kap to an endorsement deal, many of his critics said the sneakers and apparel giant’s business would suffer.  

Instead, Nike’s Kaepernick ad generated over $43 million in media exposure. 

Kap might have been considered bad business for the 32 close-minded, NFL owners and a few racists who couldn’t stand to see a Black man stand for justice and expose the warts of this country, forcing people into tough conversations and changing the way players and corporations interact forever. 

But his brand as an American hero, respected historical figure and an elite athlete is as strong as ever. Careers are being made on the back of his sacrifice and Nike is laughing all the way to the bank. 

So is Kap.

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