Colin Kaepernick Becomes Face Of Nike’s 30 Year “Just Do It” Campaign

Nike announced Monday that former NFL quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick will be the new face of the 30th-anniversary edition of its Just Do It ad campaign. This is a pretty bold move considering Nikes partnership with the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick on Twitter

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt

Of course, mayo NFL twitter was not too happy about the news. Many took to social media to express their feelings about the new venture between Kaep and Nike and some even went as far as to destroying their own Nike gear. I dont know whats more idiotic, the fact that some still refuse to acknowledge the true reasoning behind Kaepernicks protest or the fact that theyre burning items that theyve already paid for, convinced that Nike will hurt from it. New flash, Nike already received your coins, so whos really hurting?

John Rich on Twitter

Our Soundman just cut the Nike swoosh off his socks. Former marine. Get ready @Nike multiply that by the millions.

Sean Clancy on Twitter

First the @NFL forces me to choose between my favorite sport and my country. I chose country. Then @Nike forces me to choose between my favorite shoes and my country. Since when did the American Flag and the National Anthem become offensive?

This news comes just days after Kaepernick earned the right to move forward with his collusion case in which he is suing the league, alleging they colluded to keep him out of the game after he led players to take a knee in protest of racial injustice.

Things seem to take a turn for the better for the former NFL player, however, the road ahead is still uncertain. 

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