NFL Announces Veteran’s Combine

The NFL has decided to set up an annual veterans combine, made up of some of the best players who might have fallen out of favor with a team, or vets who just need a second chance. You can practically guarantee guys like T.O. and chad Johnson will be in attendance but what you cannot guarantee is how they will be portrayed. What would be more interesting if guys like Steve Smith don't get re-signed, is this where they will have to showcase their abilities?

The overall goal is to gain a better sense of where exactly a veteran is in his career and how much gas is left in the tank. It has yet to be seen if the NFL will put these vets through the rigorous tests their rookie counterparts have to go through. This process will involve 100 pre-selected veterans who will be seen showcasing their skills by representatives of all 32 NFL teams. The veteran combine will be held in Arizona at the Cardinals University of Phoenix Stadium.

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