New York Giants Plan To Bring Back Joe Judge And Daniel Jones Proving They Have No Clue | New Year’s Resolutions For Big Blue


The New York Giants will finish the season with the team’s eighth losing campaign in the last 10 seasons, yet the team plans on bringing back head coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones according to reports. Umm, why? It’s because the once-proud Giants organization is a shell of itself, poorly managed, and has no clue how to build a winning franchise.

This is the fifth consecutive season with double-digit losses, and the team has made one playoff appearance in the last 10 seasons. The roster is devoid of talent and injuries seemingly impact this team far more than others.

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But back to Judge and Jones.

Joe Judge is one of these “hard nosed” old school” coaches, despite being only 39 years old. He comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree and is yet another example of a Belichick disciple that struggles away from New England.

Judge famously makes players run laps for mistakes and doesn’t allow players to wear jerseys with their names on them. Forcing them to “earn” that privilege. What is this pop warner? High school football? It’s 2021 and these are grown men. The game of football has evolved and so to has the modern-day football player.

Regardless, Giants owner and president John Mara has reportedly professed his love for Judge and his command of the locker room.

The Giants made zero progress despite an all-in 2021 offseason, and have gotten worse with some contracts they’ll want to release. The Giants’ inability to put together a competent offense all season is a reflection of Judge’s poor coaching. The Giants are still the only team in the NFL this season with more FGs (28) than offensive TDs (22).

But sure, you love him. If you say so.

That brings us to Daniel Jones. Yes, he’s had injuries and poor line play to deal with. But really good quarterbacks manage to work around that. Jones’ turnovers are down, but he ranks 24th in QBR among starting quarterbacks and 25th in DVOA. Not even league average.

What makes Mara think next year will somehow be better?

The Giants need to clean house. After another disastrous season, nobody should feel secure that they’ll be back next year.

Mara likes stability, but if that stability breeds more of the same, what’s the point?

The first task is for the organization to create a brand-new mission and vision statement. Who are they? What do they want to become? How do they plan to get there?

As president and owner, does Mara see what the future of the game looks like? If not, does he have the awareness to recognize that and find someone who does?

Next. General manager Dave Gettleman has got to go. The game has passed him by. What were the great draft picks and signings that highlighted his tenure? He did trade away, arguably, the most talented player in team history. Does that count?

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The new president and general manager can then go about identifying who the next head coach should be. Xs and Os acumen is critical obviously, but so is communication, leadership and embracing the modern game. Yes, that means analytics.

The Giants love to promote from within the family. They need to get away from that mindset and widen the pool looking for the best possible candidates.

It will be hard to rebuild in this way and it will take time. Doing more of the same doesn’t seem to be working. So why not try something different?

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