New LeBron James Commercial Hints At “Retirement”

Bron’s Rimowa commercial might provide a glimpse into the 34-year-old NBA legend’s state of mind.

LeBron James has been unusually silent during the months of Lakers turmoil that has resulted in Anthony Davis bringing his Top 5 skills to play with LeBron in LA and keep The King’s reign alive in the NBA.

In a new ad for @rimowa, Bron has broken his silence…sort of…by making his first (indirect) reference to retirement.

Sure, it was an advertisement, but it makes you wonder if LeBron’spublic silence has more to do with the point he’s at in his career than anything else.

After all of those years and playoff games and milestones, his time in LA has become one of constant reflecting. Reflecting on the path to the records he’s broken, those he’s chasing, the people he’s touched and the championship battles he’s endured.  

At this stage in life, LeBron wants to enjoy watching his sons play high school hoops in LA. His business endeavors are better served in a media capital such as Hollywood so the Lakers fit.  It’s accepted that the Lakers will be James’ last stop on his NBA journey, although he hasn’t confirmed such.

He hadn’t even mentioned it before until the commercial dropped.

What we do know is that nobody plays forever and LeBron’s body has taken a toll over the years as he carried the NBA on his shoulders for eight consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

LeBron may not be retiring any time soon, but he’s definitely seeing the end of the road.

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