Nebraska Football Players Contemplate Unionization

As Northwestern's football player continue their legal battle with the NCAA, Kain Colter has begun spreading his message around the nation. One of the players who was listening is Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell, who recently spoke with Colter about the processof unionizing Nebraska football.


Bell said he isn’t sure a union is the answer to athletes’ concerns, but he supports the push for measures that would improve the welfare of athletes who generate millions of dollars for their schools. “A lot of guys don’t really know — not just in our locker room, but across the country — what a union necessarily entails,” Bell said. “I’ll tell you one thing: you can’t afford to pay dues because we don’t have enough money to eat sometimes. I think a lot of research needs to be done on behalf of the players before they just jump into it.”

Both schools are in the Big Ten, but Nebraska is a public university unlike Northwestern, which means they are immune to the NLRB's ruling. Colter and Bell did discussthe possibility of spreading the movement to Lincoln. However, Bell took a more prudent approach when discussing the possibility. Colter is quickly becoming the revolutionary of amateur athletics.

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