NCAA Limits GoFundMe Support For Injured TSU Football Player

Tennessee State sophomore Christion Abercrombie suffered a horrible head injury Saturday during the team’s loss to Vanderbilt.

According to Tennessee State head coach Rod Reed, Abercrombie was injured in the first half of the game while “he was taking on a block…it wasn’t anything malicious or dirty.” Soon after, he complained to trainers about having a headache and collapsed after.

“Immediately, you go into concussion protocol at that point,” Reed said. “He was removed from the game, and as they were taking him into the locker room, he collapsed and the EMTs took over from there.”

TennesseeSt Football on Twitter

Here is the only NCAA approved GoFundMe set up to assist with the support of Christion Abercrombie & his family. Per @NCAA legislation, Tennessee St is the only entity permitted to solicit funds for the student-athlete & his family. #StandWithChristion

Abercrombie was reportedly rushed to Vanderbilt Medical Center where he underwent an emergency surgery. Currently, he remains in critical condition.

Various crowdfunding pages launched on GoFundMe to help the player’s family during this critical time. But according to the Tennessean, some of the accounts were taken down after the NCAA told TSU that donations could affect Abercrombie’s eligibility.

One GoFundMe page, started by TSU’s Athletic Director for Compliance Jennifer Bell, is still active.

In a response to reports, the NCAA recently tweeted out a statement saying the organization did not request the removal of specific GoFundMe accounts.

Inside the NCAA on Twitter

The NCAA did not request that Tennessee State remove any specific GoFundMe accounts, nor was Christion Abercrombie’s eligibility ever at risk.

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