NCAA Investigates Husker Football Program, Days Before Season Opener

Scott Frost and Nebraska Cornhusker football program are currently under investigation with the NCAA, according to a report.

The alleged report states Frost and the Huskers face NCAA violations for improper use of analysts and consultants during practices and games, dating back 12 months. It also lists that Nebraska held off-campus workouts when the NCAA prohibited organized athletic activities – under the direction of Nebraska’s strength and conditioning staff.

Nebraska’s two analysts at the time, Jonathan Rutledge and chief of staff Gerrod Lambrecht – both of whom have now left the program in the past ten months.

The report states that Scott Frost could face suspension for these allegations. He’s also retained legal counsel and has been interviewed by the NCAA.

In a statement, Nebraska AD Trev Alberts confirms – “The University of Nebraska Athletic Department has been working collaboratively with the NCAA to review a matter concerning our football program. We appreciate the dialogue we have had with the NCAA and cannot comment further on specifics of this matter.”

On his weekly radio show, Frost said he doesn’t believe the NCAA investigation will be a distraction for his team this year. 

It is common in today’s college football to hire analysts, and Nebraska is one of those schools. College football practices are run and/or involved with numerous people aside from just players and coaches. Analysts, graduate assistants, video coordinators, administrators, equipment managers, and various roles can lead into one another.

Not quite often people with these titles though, are at the epicenter of high-profiled NCAA legal investigations.

The piece goes on to state that Nebraska University was allowing unauthorized team activities and workouts at some point between March and June of 2020.

During this time – mostly likely peak pandemic, the NCAA banned all mandatory team activities. But starting in June, voluntary workouts were allowed for football and basketball teams, but only in smaller groups.

Another interesting topic in the report highlighted Nebraska’s attempt to reschedule this upcoming season’s game against Oklahoma – which historically marks the 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century.

It states that Frost and Lambrecht were “key proponents” of bypassing the game for an easier opponent.

After news surfaced in the spring, the report stated they “jumped on the grenade for that debacle” by releasing a statement reaffirming Nebraska’s openness to play the game.

Frost said that he “never made one single phone call” regarding Nebraska’s schedule.

The Cornhuskers have since added a Sept. 4th home game against Fordham and will still play at Oklahoma on Sept. 18th.

Scott Frost entering 2021 was already on the hot seat and now is facing current NCAA allegations – it is apparent to many that this will be a crucial season for Coach Frost.

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