NBA Prepares League For Chauvin Verdict

There have been few trials in American history that have captured the nation’s attention and stirred the emotions quite like The State v. Chauvin trial.

This week, attorneys Eric Nelson and Jerry Blackwell will have presented their closing arguments. Then, the jury will deliberate and make a decision that will alter the state of the nation, no matter the verdict they reach. 

No corner of the map will be freed from the aftermath of this trial and that includes the National Basketball Association.



When Jacob Blake Jr. was shot and subsequently paralyzed, in Kenosha Wisconsin, four teams decided not to play in scheduled playoff games. Earlier this month, the Minnesota Timberwolves along with MLB’s Minnesota Twins and the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, all postponed games following another shooting in the “Twin Cities” which resulted in the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. 

Now league officials are telling teams to prepare for the fallout from this looming decision.

The “NBA” instructed teams to be vigilant about the impact of the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd. This includes possible game postponements, amongst other things.



The trial could also impact Major League Baseball and the NHL as well. As MLB also postponed games in August once the NBA decided to postpone playoff games due to the shooting of Jacob Blake Jr.

Elsewhere Major League Soccer recently kicked off its season, and much like MLB, it also postponed games in wake of Jacob Blake Jr. being shot. The two leagues have yet to release contingency plans in wake of the verdict. In addition, the NHL has yet to issue a statement regarding the trial.

A verdict in the State v. Chauvin trial could be reached as early as Wednesday and as late as week’s end on Friday. Given the magnitude of the trial and charges pending, however, it could take until the following week for justice to be dispensed. 

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The hope is that justice will be served to the full extent of the law, but in retrospect, we as African-Americans have been disappointed more often than not as it pertains to verdicts against rogue and racist police officers.

There have already been shenanigans played on the part of the defense and the judge has allowed it to a certain extent.



Let’s see if our justice system is irreparably broken or an institution that Black Americans can have some degree of faith in.

The President, Joe Biden himself, has said he hopes that the jury reaches “the right verdict” in the case. The right verdict would be guilty on all counts. 

If the verdict isn’t favorable for Black America, don’t expect to see any NBA games played anytime soon.

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