NBA Drops “Streets” Campaign To Get Fans Hyped For The 2018 Postseason

With the NBA Playoffs tipping off on April 14th, the league is rolling out its postseason campaign to get fans hyped up for what promises to a plethora of series’ filled with intrigue, drama, and incredible basketball. 

NBA Playoffs 2018 Commercial – “Streets”

NBA players and fans enter the Playoffs with the same goal – winning it all and celebrating together in the streets as champions. Now, many cities are anxiously waiting to see which team will step up their game during Playoffs to earn this year’s championship parade. Visit for Playoff Schedules.

In a new ad called Streets, the spot shows a desolate city street prior to cutting toward dope NBA highlights, alternating between shots of empty city roads and scintillating on-court action. 

The voiceover opens with, “It’s the NBA Playoffs, and many cities are anxiously awaiting to see which one gets to celebrate,” and the spot concludes with footage of some of the great championship parades — the ultimate payoff for winning an NBA championship. 

The campaign, which will run across TV, digital banner and radio through The Finals, is part of “I’m Why,” the latest installment in the NBA’s ongoing This Is Why We Play global platform.

It’s time to get hyped as we look for answers to some of the following questions. 

What’s Philly gonna do? What does Milwaukee and the Greek Freak have in store? Can Portland make some postseason noise? Are Paul George, Melo and Russell Westbrook saving their best for a shocking playoff run?

Is this the year that Toronto takes the East? Can LeBron continue his dominant ways in getting Cleveland back to the Finals? Is Golden State really vulnerable? Can Houston really knock off the defending champs out West with Chris Paul and James Harden leading the way to a new NBA power dynamic?

We’ll soon find out.

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