NBA 2K14 Reveals LeBron As New Cover Guy

There is no official cover jinx for the NBA 2K series, but if you are a Heat fan, and delusional enough to believe in jinxes, well here you go. Last night 2K14 revealed their new cover and it features none other than LeBron James. Suprisingly, this is James’ first video game cover and if he can't corral Tony Parker and win this series for Miami, maybe his last.

The release date is October 1st and yes, it has been stated that the game will be available on both the X-Box One and PS4.


From USA Today:

those who pre-order 2K14 will have access to the “King James Bonus Pack,” which includes virtual currency (10,000), extra content on the “Path to Greatness,” James unlocked in “Blacktop” mode, and an all-new James signature move.

In addition to the trailer, LeBron has filmed a second promotional spot for 2K14 in which he promises “the best sports video game this world has ever seen.




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