Naija Pride: Nigeria’s WC Jerseys Sell Out In Less Than A Few Hours

Nigeria’s World Cup jersey kit sold out in a matter of hours.

With all of the hype surrounding their entry into the international tournament, Nike announced that all three jerseys were bought up.

Nike UK on Twitter

@bbbambz All three Nigeria jerseys have now sold out on There are no current plans for a restock. |

Unfortunately for those who are seeking to buy one, the product was “only available in limited quantities.”

And it definitely wouldn’t be easier getting them at a Nike store location, just take a look at the London store.

Marathonbet on Twitter

This is the queue in London outside Nike Town for the release of Nigeria’s kits for the World Cup.

Carl Craigslist on Twitter

This is the queue at Nike Town for the Nigeria kit launch, literally round the corner…

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