Move Over Bey: Kimmora Says She Created The Urban Fashion Prototype

Kimmora Lee Simmons reminded the world in a recent interview that she’s a true fashion icon.  This sounds like bragging but Simmons is actually right. Phat Farm and Baby Phat were one of the first urban brands that made it in big stores like Macy’s. So when she says pay homage we should pay attention.

"Before us there wasn’t any Beyoncé, there wasn’t Sean John or Justin Timberlake, there wasn’t Jessica Simpson. There wasn’t any of that,” Kimora said.  “We really laid the blueprint for that.”

“One thing I love about myself is this business is that I don’t have to rely on the sales of an album, or my movie being a hit for my clothing to be a hit.”

I’m not a big fashion guy but I love it when people can walk it like they talk it and Simmons definitely does that. Oh, and she’s still gorgeous.

Like Muhammad Ali said “it ain’t bragging if it's true”.  I'm sure the Beyonce stans on Twitter will try to rip Simmons to shreds but they would be way out of line. Because she's a proven made woman. 

Keep strutting your stuff, Kimmora.

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