MMA’s New Power Team: Burchfield & Granito’s NYC Takeover

Back in the summer of 2017, no one imagined that a chance dinner meeting in a small Rhode Island town would develop into a Big City Partnership.

Paul Granito and Jimmy Burchfield Jr were at that dinner meeting, along with others. As the party made way from the bar to the dinner table, Granito and Burchfield Jr found themselves sitting across from each other. Soon the conversation focused on the economics of MMA and how difficult and expensive it is to promote an event.

Together, Granito and Burchfield Jr now plan on expanding the culture of the growing sport in the New York City market.  

 In 2016, New York became the 50th U.S. state to legalize professional mixed martial arts and with that, the New York State Athletic Commission enacted some of the strictest regulations in the country which scares off most promoters from staging a Pro event in the state.

 But for New York MMA fans seeking live Pro action, the wait is over. The new duo of Burchfield and Granito are excited to announce CES MMA is coming to Long Island on May 4th with CES MMA NY, at the The Space in Westbury. 

Renee Forte vs. Matt Secor, John Gotti III part of CES MMA’s debut in New York

Renee Forte vs. Matt Secor, John Gotti III part of CES MMA’s debut in New York For the first time, CES MMA will set up shop in the state of New York, and there already are some in…

This all Pro card features some of New Yorks most exciting fighters including John Gotti III, making his NY pro debut.  

 Being able to take our 25 years of experience in promoting and joining with a marketing partner like Paul Granito who can leverage his large network of Celebrity Friends and tastemakers gives us a real competitive advantage in this marketplace, said promoter Jimmy Burchfield Jr.  We can now market and deliver a unique event experience that will not only engage our fans, but create additional value to our sponsors.

Meeting Of The Minds

 Back at that chance dinner meeting, Jimmy Burchfield Jr. and Sr. were there to discuss the possibility of promoting some up-and-coming New York fighters. One of the MMA fighters they were courting brought along a family friend Paul Granito. Granito was at the meeting because of his wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and promotions as well as his lasting relationships with the sports and entertainment elite over the past two decades. 

 After a while, I looked over and my son Jimmy is off in a corner with Paul, said Jimmy Burchfield Sr. As Granito explains it, That meeting was the birth of the power duo of Burchfield and Granito. On the way home, Burchfield Jr., who was very optimistic after the meeting, explained to his dad that Granito has a vision that is way outside the scope of what we usually do and it seems very interesting, Burchfield Jr.  told The Shadow League. 

 This was the beginning of a unique relationship; a union of two progressive minds that developed significantly over the next eight months. Burchfield Jr. and Granito talked weekly and quickly racked up quite an E-Z pass bill, visiting with each other in NY and Rhode Island. 

The Birth Of An MMA Game Changer

 The weekly conversations soon became daily strategy sessions which eventually lead to a genuine friendship, strengthened by the unique bond that both men share with their fathers, whom they consider their best friends, teachers, and confidants.

 Having the opportunity to gain wisdom from our fathers is not something every son is fortunate enough to have, said Burchfield Jr. Both of our fathers started from humble beginnings and worked hard to achieve success. As the conversations became more about each other than about business, so did an understanding that through the impact of their fathers, they shared similar goals, dreams and abilities.

 During one late night phone call while discussing our fathers, we decided that joining forces may be a real value, Jimmy Jr. said. Paul and I are business professionals. I am a lawyer and Paul is a high net worth financial advisor specializing in celebrities and pro athletes. Our combined experiences can be a game changer in the sport of MMA.

The next day CES MMA NY was conceived to help market CES MMAs debut venture to the Big City. Granito immediately hit the phones and was able to get commitments from various sponsors, celebrities and athletes. Being neighbor to John Gotti III also helped. With Granitos influence, Gotti III signed on to CES MMA NY.  “New York is my home and fighting here professionally is a dream come true, Gotti III said. I am extremely excited to be a part of CESs New York venture. 

John Gotti III Blesses The Family Name

Gotti III made his Pro MMA debut with CES MMA on Oct. 27, 2017 against Johnny the Wild Child Adams at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, winning in a dominant performance, knocking out his opponent in under four minutes of the first round. 

Addicted To MMA on Twitter

John Gotti III Wins MMA Debut With First Round Knockout – The Shadow League (blo… read more @_addictedtomma_ #MMA

Gotti III, in serious training for nearly four years, amassed an impressive 5-1 record in the New York amateur circuit before his CES debut victory on the birthday of his legendary grandfather, John Gotti Sr., who died in prison in 2002. Paul has so much experience with professional athletes, states John Gotti Jr., a driving force behind his sons career. John Jr is the heart of his family and is genuinely focused on transforming the image of the Gotti name. Paul is a great asset to help me guide my son as he looks to rise through the ranks in such a volatile sport.

The name Gotti is a powerhouse in New York, so with John III signed on, other top-notch professionals wanted on CES MMA NY. CES MMA is also working closely with Nick Canobbio of Triton Fights who is serving as a consultant to help navigate the waters of NY MMA.

Infamous Gangster John Gotti’s Grandson Wins MMA Debut With First Round KO

John Gotti III fought for the first time under the professional rules set of mixed martial arts last night. Watch the fight video here… Boss of the Gambino crime family, the well-publicised face of the ‘Cosa Nostra,’ John Gotti would have celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday.

 Working with Paul on the marketing of this event, there is no doubt in my mind that May 4 will be a sellout, states Burchfield Jr. With that in mind, we are finalizing the terms of a Pay-Per-View deal to allow those missing out seeing it live to have streaming access.

 My vision is to turn back time to my childhood when the fights were chic and the place to be, says Granito. Long Island is a hotbed for celebrities and tastemakers who are all craving for an upscale evening closer to home. CES MMA NY is about creating that influential lifestyle that bring people together.

 Burchfield and Granito are now in a New York state of mind.

 Tickets officially go on sale Monday April 2nd at

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