Mike Vick Awarded The Key To Atlantic City

Michael Vick's turnaround is nearly complete from inmate No. 33765-183 to role model is in full stride. Since his release from federal prison on federal dogfighting charges, Vick hasn't even sneezed in the wrong direction. On Thursday, Vick received the key to Atlantic city from Mayor Lorenzo Langford and made an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Live to discuss the honor and his work

Vick was recognized for donating $50,000 to the Red Cross and visited a shelter for victims of the storm.

Via NFL.com:

"Michael Vick is caring and compassionate enough to reach out to our city when we were at our lowest point during the immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy," said Mayor Langford, via PhillyMag.com. "Twelve hours after a nationally televised 'Monday Night Football' game, he was lifting the spirits of our residents confined to shelters with his generosity, particularly our young people."

Making that donation was made a little easier by the Eagles decision to retain Vick rather than release him. Vick restructured his deal, but is still due to make $10 million this season after the Eagles chose not to release him after the season. He's done a 180 in life, now the next step is retaining his starting position and finishing that turnaround in his day job.


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