Mike Tomlin With Another Master Class On Why He Doesn’t Have Losing Seasons — Ever

When the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens get together throw out all records, stats and what happened last week. The matchup has become the fiercest rivalry in the NFL, and it never disappoints.

Sunday’s matchup in Pittsburgh wasn’t a typical pass-happy offensive party that we have grown accustomed to seeing. It was old school, smash-mouth football and it wasn’t pretty.  

Sunday’s battle for first place in the ultra-competitive AFC North was typical of when these two rivals meet. Close, physical game.

Mike Tomlin Presses All The Right Buttons

But in the end Tomlin once again pressed all the right buttons as the Steelers overcame a 10-0 deficit to win 17-10. This one week after being thoroughly beaten by the Houston Texans (30-6), a loss that left many questioning the direction of this particular Steelers team under Tomlin. 

In the aftermath of the win, former Steelers safety turned ESPN NFL analyst and “The Pivot” podcaster Ryan Clark tweeted: 

“I’m starting to feel like Mike T is trolling us,. Go out and play poo one week just to show us how he can regroup the troops and circle the wagons. Big win in a big rivalry. Ooooohhhh BART @BartScott57

How Did Tomlin Get His Team To Respond?

Since Tomlin became the Steelers head coach in 2007, the Steelers hold a 20-16 advantage in head-to-head matchups against the Ravens. In those battles, including Sunday, the Steelers have scored 725 points to the Ravens’ 719. 

With his team struggling to find a spark in Sunday’s win, Tomlin stayed his usual cool, calm and collected self and let his guys figure it out while pushing all the right buttons. Following the win, Tomlin discussed what the victory meant and the overall significance of the rivalry. 

“Some of those guys have been in significant matchups before. So, if they went to Alabama or Auburn, I say it’s like the Iron Bowl,” Tomlin said. “You know what I mean? You’re just trying to capture the essence of it for the guys. And, most of the guys that went to universities have been part of some significant rivalries. 

That’s a frame of reference. But, make no mistake about it, you gotta be a part of it to understand it. Those guys got a better understanding as fans sit here today.”

Tomlin Just Has The IT Factor 

With the win on Sunday the Steelers became just the second NFL franchise to reach 700 wins, trailing the Green Bay Packers, who have 735.

Tomlin has been responsible for 173 of those. The Steelers also increase their overall lead in the Ravens series to 34-25. 

Tomlin’s current streak of consecutive non-losing seasons (16) to begin a coaching career is an NFL record. And after last season’s Houdini act to finish 9-8 after being 5-8 Sunday’s game has become the norm. 

Tomlin rallies the troops, and his players seemingly always respond. 

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