Mike Tomlin Fine Is A Warning For Coaches To Stay In Their Lane

There were a litany of reactions to Mike Tomlin's $100,000 fine. It wasn't surprising that he got fined. It probably should have happened sooner. However, once Tomlin got that direct deposit alert minus one digit after those five zeros, he probably had to leave the stadium in a stretcher.

On the scale of "you're doing too much" moments, it was somewhere between Woody Hayes punching Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman and Jets assistant Sam Alosi tripping up Dolphins special teams gunner Nolan Carroll as he sprinted down the sideline.

Mack Brown's son Chris Jessie also found himself in the game like EA Sports during the 2007 Holiday Bowl when he appeared to step out on the field and touch a live ball.

At least it was one-fifth of the amount Belichick was billed for SpyGate. So far, he's gotten to keep his draft pick as well, so it's not all bad.

Coincidentally enough, Tomlin's opponent this week are the same Miami Dolphins who were victim to Alosi's knee.

If he's learned anything from this ordeal, it's that cha-cha slides are for endzone touchdown dances, family reunions and weddings.

The Baltimore Ravens had a variety of reactions to Tomlin's fine.

"One-hundred thousand dollars? Oh, man,'' Torrey Smith said. "That's a lot of money."

"I'm glad it's in the past. Had we lost, I might be blaming him. I'm not going to lie," he added.

"I can't say he did it on purpose because I don't know what he was thinking. But it definitely sends a message across the league.''

Earlier in the week, Ravens defensive end Chris Canty said Tomlin committed "a low-life move,'' adding that type of behavior "has no place in our game.''

"I think the punishment fits the crime. The NFL does a good job of disciplining its employees. I think it's just.'' Canty said.

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