Michael Vick Is Ready To Run In 2013

I just get the feeling that in the back of Michael Vick's head, everytime he steps out on a football field he hears the voice of a little girl saying "Run Forrest, Run!" That's the only explanation for his insistence on rushing the football. After a few years of scanning the field from the pocket, Vick wants to spread his Eagle wings and run more in Chip Kelly's offense. Bless him. Even at the age of 33, he just can't help himself. Vick can still run. The only problem is that he's getting older and his body is becoming more susceptible to injury than ever before.


Vick said he added weight and muscle in the offseason. He also worked to strengthen his legs to prepare for running the ball more. In early May, he challenged 25-year-old running back LeSean McCoy to a race and beat him in the 40-yard dash.

"I tested myself with Shady," Vick said. "I passed that test, so I'll outrun linebackers and safeties."

…Vick pointed to 2006, the only time he has played 16 games in a season. It was Vick's final year with the Atlanta Falcons.

"I ran for 1,000 yards," Vick said. "I played all 16 games, but I played with a different mindset.

"You've got to take on a certain mindset that you've got to play the game all out. When you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt, trying not to get hurt, it doesn't allow you to play the way that you want to play."

Vick's confidence level is soaring after winning the quarterback competition over Nick Foles after two weeks of preseason. For a quarterback, that can be a good in small dosages. However, if Vick starts getting too confident, he tries to play Superman and makes mental mistakes. We'll see whether he's finally figured it out.