Michael Vick Is Being Sued For Over A Million In Unpaid Loans Dispute | Another NFL Financial Cautionary Tale?

Michael Vick has been settling into his new role helping young athletes with their NIL deals, but now the legendary QB has been hit with a lawsuit in South Florida.

A group is coming for Vick and his wife for loans they claim date back to 2018 in Maryland, amounting to $1.2 million. Lawyers for the claimants, who reportedly purchased Vick’s debt  and have issued subpoenas for Vick and his wife, with depositions scheduled for Aug. 5.

Now plaintiffs want to take Vick’s luxury assets like his cars, jewelry, and even sports memorabilia.

“They are indeed living in the house. There was a $160,000 Bentley in the driveway,” Coral Gables lawyer Kevin Spinozza said to the Miami Herald. “Obviously a beautiful home, one you would think a retired NFL player would live in.”

Spinozza is spearheading the effort to collect in South Florida. Vick has already lawyered up, and his counsel in South Florida believes the number the group is asking for is inflated.

“Michael Vick takes these matters seriously and is aware of the proceedings and will be sure that all parties who are entitled to receive payment will be paid,” Vick’s attorney Arthur Jones said in a statement.

“However, usurious calculations which produce absurd results should not be countenanced by the courts of Florida. Therefore, all appropriate defenses will certainly be utilized. Further comment on any shenanigans which lead to situations like this may be made available at a later date.”

In 2018, Vick reportedly received $400,000 in loans from Atlantic Solutions, which is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The company was the middleman for NV Paterners, an Oregon-based company that signed current and former athletes needing immediate cash in exchange for future earnings.

Vick, who had an NFL analyst job with Fox Sports, is accused in court documents of never paying NV Partners and was hit with a $1.9 million judgment. Now interest has ballooned the debt.

“This man has paid nothing,” said Daniel Wright, attorney for NV Partners to the Miami Herald.

Recently, Vick announced that he had joined athletic management firm Levels Sports Group, positioned to help grow the firm’s name, image, and likeness (NIL) business. As one of the most marketed NFL players in history when active, Vick has unique insight and cachet that Levels feels can help mold younger athletes.

“I could not be more excited to partner with Levels and work with the talented athletes on their roster,” Vick said in a statement when the move was announced.

“As someone who has had success at the highest level of football, I am looking forward to mentoring guys like DJ, Malachi, and Makai and helping them get to wherever they want their football and professional careers to go.”

Vick “assist(s) with the mental and physical development and preparation of select Levels talent while using his knowledge and experience to discuss how athletes can monetize themselves safely through the new NIL laws,” according to the firm.

In 2007, Vick pleaded guilty to running an illegal dog-fighting ring. Prior, the Virginia Tech star was the face of the Atlanta Falcons. After a two-year stint in prison, Vick began playing with the Philadelphia Eagles and ultimately filed for bankruptcy.

At the time, he reportedly listed $17 million in debt.

Vick may become another cautionary tale of a stellar football career that ended with a not-so-stellar financial ending.

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