Michael Keaton And Others Discuss Their Characters In Spider-Man: Homecoming

    One of the fun things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is its scale.  From the streets of New York City to the severed head of a space god, the MCU gives us such a wide variety of characters that it is extremely difficult to not find at least one that you can relate to.  In Spider-Man: Homecoming, which has clocked in nearly $130 million since its debut, fans and critics alike are raving over the film’s aesthetics.  

    Director John Watts handpicked his cast and the extras so that they could properly mirror the demographic of the NYC borough in which most of the characters are supposed to be from, Queens.  

    The Shadow League has been all over the film that many are calling the best Spider-Man ever and are well aware of how intricately and purposefully much like a well-woven tapestry the cast appears to be.  Surprisingly, actor Michael Keaton didnt know much about the Vulture prior to being cast as the character. At one time, Keaton was the Batman, appearing in Batman (89) and Batman Returns (92). 

    SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING “Shocker vs. Vulture” Clip [HD] Michael Keaton, Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr

    Marvel has rolled out a brand new clip for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Im not really familiar with a lot of the lore. So, for me, I was just trying to catch up, said Keaton. I just thought the simplicity of making this person approachable is timely. Lets not talk about why its timely because it might make me wanna blow my brains out. But it was a really neat approach and kinda obvious when you think of it to make this character approachable, have a legitimate approach and a legitimate argument. I thought it was really well written, to simplify things. It was fun. A fun gig.

    Keaton wasnt the only one that was clueless about the character he was meant to play prior to arriving on set. Marisa Tomei also stars in the film as Peter Parkers protective mother figure, Aunt May. Tying into millennial norms, Tom Hollands character simply calls her May in the film. Her attractiveness is played up to comedic effect throughout the picture.

    I didnt really know what Aunt May looked like until after I signed up,” said Tomei. “They were like, shes gonna be sexy and I was like stop trying to coddle me and pander to me.  Then I was like, Oh, you mean in contrast to another way to go.  These guys had the vision of how it was going to be revamped and everyone was going to be younger.  Also, shes his Aunt by marriage so, obviously, she could be any age.

    SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Movie – Peter Parker’s Girlfriend – Tom Holland Marvel Super Hero Movie

    This video contains the SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING movie behind the scenes look of who Spider-Man’s girlfriend is going to be for this movie. Subscribe to Channel: http://goo.gl/fy25kv Help me get 125K subscribers. Thank You!!! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReadySetLol/ Spider-Man: Homecoming is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, produced by Marvel Studios and Columbia Pictures, and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

    If you were to ask me which actor or actress was on the road to a big-time come up after appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it would be Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter Parkers best friend Ned.

    Im gonna lie, I knew this was going to happen,” said Batalon.  “Tom and I really enjoyed each other, and me and the guys really enjoyed each other. I loved them so much and it was easy to be around them. And that translated to what you guys saw on screen.

    I wont say that every person who has ever read a comic book loves Peter Parker. But I will say that those who do love him have great reason to.  Many can relate to trying to do the right thing in a world where the wrong thing can get you paid, while living in a single parent home in high school and dealing with social awkwardness. Its not nerdy but reality.

    I think its because hes the most relatable, said actress Laura Harrier, who plays Parkers love interest in the movie. We all remember trying go to high school and all the growing pains and those moments trying to talk to someone you have a crush on. Its hard to connect with these superheroes that are totally outside of our world. Spider-Man is, first and foremost, Peter Parker – who we all can relate to.

    Inevitably, Michael Keaton had to know that he would eventually be asked about Batman and his role as Bruce Wayne juxtaposed to his role as the villainous, scavenging Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Theyre both fun. I think actors tend to be drawn toward villainous characters, Keaton. Its clich but it kinda tends to be often true that you want to delve into the dark side. It just gets interesting. Usually, the reality is, the lead or the hero, by the nature of the piece, has to be not one dimensional but represent a thing. Where the character actors theyre more dimensional, without going into some bullshit actor talk.”  

    “But it tends to be true, he continued. “You know, a lot of times, I think most of us have done this before where youre playing a lead role but you look at these minor roles and think, Oh man, would I like to have a bite of that! Its just so much fun. Im fortunate that Ive been able to play all sorts of things. Tiny parts, big parts, both fun, both different. Its more iconic and you make a lot more dough being the lead guy but theyre both fun.