Michael Jordan Plays Grumpy Old Man With A Couple Of Teenage LaMelo Ball Fans In Parking Garage | “Put That Sh**t Down”

In a video that emerged this week, an extremely extraordinary scenario unfolded for a couple of teens who were on a mission to meet Lamelo Ball but came across Michael Jordan instead. What was thought to be the best consolation prize in history became a booby prize for the autograph seekers. 

These teens were fans of the Charlotte Hornets’ rising superstar and reality show kingpin and desperately wanted to meet the Ball brother. So, they did what any hopeful fan would do — wait outside of the Hornets parking lot for Melo to come out so they could ask him for autographs, pictures, shoutouts, anything you could hope for from your favorite NBA player.

Except that didn’t work out quite like the young teens planned. Instead of them finding Lamelo exiting into the parking lot, they found some guy with a bald head named Michael Jordan walking to his sportscar.  

Chance Of A Lifetime Encounter With The GOAT

Yeah, they accidentally ran into the greatest basketball player of all time, and they immediately knew who he was, because who doesn’t?

While the teenagers didn’t get to see Lamelo, they weren’t bummed out about seeing Jordan, and they let it be known as well. The respect was still there for His Airness, even in 2022, he resonates with the new generation hoop fans.

Unfortunately, MJ gave two sh*ts. The teens approached MJ while excitingly trying to film him, but Jordan didn’t like it one bit. They even asked Jordan for a picture, though their request was declined.

“We finna see LaMelo Ball. That’s not LaMelo … but IT’S MICHAEL JORDAN! Michael Jordan, can I get a pic? Michael Jordan, where LaMelo at?” the young fan asked from across the parking lot. 

Asking Michael Jordan to see Lamelo is hysterical. Michael Jordan responding to the teenagers by saying “put that sh** down” is hilarious, and the kids getting excited about the whole ordeal afterward is heartwarming in a twisted way for the typical NBA fan.

Missed Opportunity For MJ?

But many people are also questioning Jordan and if he’s right for declining a photo with the young fans, and for being somewhat hostile towards them.

Jordan definitely understands how iconic a moment that would be for some young fans to see him on a humble at that, with nobody else around. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young kid with dreams.

It’s even more ironic and a little bothersome that Jordan gave them a tongue-lashing and sent them on their way instead of embracing the love, when you notice that one of the boys was wearing a pair of Jordan 4s. He’s just one of a million customers to MJ, but if the icon had taken a second he could have had his next Jordan Brand commercial for free. Plus gained two more fans because they were actually looking for Melo in the first place. 

Imagine a young fan running to his group of friends flaunting the photo he/she took with MJ and posting it online. What if the iconic athlete/sneaker brand founder signed the kids’ Jordans? It would’ve been breathtaking. 

Where Was The Parking Garage Security?

Maybe Jordan is a heck of a communicator and businessman, but he had no interest in connecting with those fans nor pleasing their wishes. Though being in the same airspace as Jordan was enough for these teenagers to go crazy, if Jordan had John Wozniak, none of this nonsense would’ve happened.

With that being said, Jordan can definitely walk around the Hornets’ facilities without any personal security. But where was the security for the parking lot making sure the players could get to their vehicles and leave the arena safely?

That’s a question that might be answered expeditiously following that fan encounter Jordan had. But it was clear the fans were hoping for some type of interaction, whether it was LaMelo or Jordan, and the least the billionaire could do was bless them with a picture or an autograph. After all, Jordan did help bring the Hornets back to relevance, and he’s trying to build a culture for future generations and further connect the team to the city. 

MJ has done a lot more philanthropic work in recent years and as team owner, plays a part in cultivating relationships with fans. Jordan’s a cool dude, but he may have dropped the ball on this one. Or maybe, he was just playing it safe, and head of Hornets security might be losing their job this week.

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