Metta World Peace Has Written A Children’s Book

There are lots of people you might want your children thinking about before they go to sleep, or who you might want teaching your children before bed time. Metta World Peace probably isn't one of those people, unless he's a relative.

But when you think about it, Metta World Peace writing a children's book is right up his alley. He's basically a teenager in a man's body, showing up in a cookie monster shirt to one of his exit interviews, driving around in a race car, and a littany of other amusing shenanigans. 

If you'd like to read one of Metta's tales, such as “Tomorrow,” “Reach for the Sky,” “One Wish,” “Mud in My Bed,” and “I’m Afraid of the Dark.”, you can buy his 35-page bedtime book, Metta's Bedtime Stories, on Amazon.

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