Metta World Peace Plays Big3 Game In Detroit And Gets Ejected. Again

Fourteen years ago, on November 19th, 2004, everyone witnessed one of the scariest, wildest and most embarrassing moments in sports when Metta World Peace (Ron Artest back then) charged into the stands to confront a fan who threw a beer at him. That led to an all out brawl in Detroit, which was later deemed “the malice at the palace.” Artest would be suspended for the entire season, other suspensions were handed out, players were fined, fans arrested and the NBA, the Pistons, Palace security and the local police force all took heat for what transpired.

Well last night Metta returned to Detroit as player for the Killer 3s in the Big3, and it didn’t take long for the ghosts of the past to return.

With the game just starting and the score 3-0, World Peace retrieved a loose ball on the sidelines and booted it right into the stands.

Tyler Conway on Twitter

LMAO Metta World Peace has big kick energy

Needless to say, Metta was ejected and without him, Killer 3s lost to Trilogy, 52-39.

So in his first season with the Big3, and his first game with the team in Detroit, the former NBA champion and Defensive Player of the Year proved that history does repeat itself.

Metta World Peace on Twitter

Love the @thebig3 . Not as easy as you think. Can’t wait til next week. We must win

And fans still have love for Metta World Peace.

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