Mayweather vs. McGregor Shenanigans Begin With First Press Conference

It has finally begun. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Conor McGregor met today in Los Angeles for their first stop on a one week international press tour. And it did not disappoint.

When the fighters were announced, the first being McGregor, Mayweather made him wait on the stage for what seemed like an eternity. Floyd entered with full entourage in tow through the crowd and milked every moment to brand his company through various custom walk out music and drops.

Ultimately, after the obligatory congratulations speeches by Showtime and MGM Grand executives, the fireworks began.

Dana White looked like his head was going to explode as he announced McGregor awkwardly in the boxing style presser. Once McGregor hit the podium, he looked at the crowd and very proudly announced, “Baby we did it!”

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather meet face-to-face for first time | LA | UFC ON FOX

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McGregor, who was dressed in a custom suit that was laced with pinstripes that spelled “F%*# You”, was in rare form as he proceeded to mock Mayweather’s attire, saying he was, “…in a (expletive) track suit, he can’t afford a suit anymore.”

But it was when McGregor announced that he would knock Mayweather unconscious inside four rounds that you saw the cool demeanor of Mayweather begin to rev up in agitation. 

McGregror boasted that if it were a real fight, he would win within one round. He then complained about boxing rules and the 10-ounce gloves they will wear. As he continued to rant, although he benefitted from a pro-McGregor crowd, he was clearly not used to the boxing style press conference and was at times a bit unsure of what to say next. 

He ended by declaring that his newborn baby boy was his ultimate motivation, then thanked the crowd for being there.

When Mayweather stepped to the podium, he wasted no time living up to his reputation as the number one bad guy, instantly chanting his “Hardwork, Dedication” ethos and picking apart his opponent’s past loss to Nate Diaz. 

“We know Mr. Tap out like to quit,” said Mayweather mimicking the motion that alerts a referee a competitor can no longer continue.

“You name them and I beat them,” he said. “He wants to say I’m not wearing a suit, August 26th we’re wearing the same thing and it’ll be the same result.”

During weird intervals when Mayweather began shadow boxing in front of the podium and McGregor shouted disrespectfully at him, “Dance for me boy,” Floyd called for a backpack and displayed a $100 million dollar check that he claims he never cashed yet.

McGregor quipped, “That’s to the tax man.”

Mayweather responded with, “You”re right, I’m the IRS and I’ma tax your ass!”

Finally, when the two faced off, McGregor was the noticeably bigger opponent as he and Mayweather engaged in verbal warfare, up close and personal. Dana White played referee while Floyd Mayweather, Sr. instigated from the side. The whole thing was pure spectacle and not even reminiscent of WWE. 

It was literally WWE. 

Although entertaining, I’m sure this circus will get more crazy before it gets better. Clearly, Mayweather will not be outdone by the Irishman who has confidence by the pound.

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