Maybe there was never a Dez Bryant Tape?

Wal-Mart finally got in on the Dez Bryant video fiasco we have all come to know over this last month. Wal-Mart representatives told NFL reporter Daniel Kaplan that “if there is a Dez Bryant video, Wal-Mart doesn’t have it and never did”. The crucial reason why is that Wal-Mart only makes videotapes of incidents where charges are filed with police.

A police report involving Bryant and others was released earlier this month and offered the dubious action of a woman being dragged from her car. Since no one pressed charges to whomever did the dragging the police left, and Wal-Mart considered the issue over. After a certain period of time Wal-Mart eliminates old security footage meaning that since no charges were filed whatever happened on said video has been long since deleted.

This doesn’t disprove that out in the world there isn’t a video of Dez that’s damning. Just that Wal-Mart doesn’t have it, the cops don’t have it and the only instance of Dez being in the vicinity of a Wal-Mart has been officially labeled as a non issue by both the Lancaster police department and Wal-Mart.

As Shadow League All-star J.R. Gamble alluded to in his piece last week, it seems as if this whole video scenario could have been fabricated and Dez has said several times on Twitter that he wishes “his life could be turned into a reality show” so people can see him for who he really is. Bryant has been at the center of NFL media topics in recent weeks due to the Cowboys franchise-tagging him for $13 million. Now that Wal-Mart has officially come out and disavowed any video rumors having to do with their brand, maybe Bryant can now work out a long term deal.

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