Max Kellerman Says Cleveland Might Not Reach NBA Finals

After the Cavs defeated the Pacers 117-111 on Tuesday night to take a 2-0 lead in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, Lebron James said the Cavs are close to what we really can become.

While King James is sprouting with optimism after a couple of wins over a No. 7 seed, Stephen A. Smith called bs on LeBrons take today and Max Kellerman said the Cavs “could get knocked out before the Finals.

The First Take crew think the King should temper his confidence because he has much tougher tasks looming on the horizon and basically the Cavs team that they see right now will have a hard time advancing if they play at this same level against more formidable opponents such as Washington and Toronto.

Let me see what you do if you go up against the Washington Wizards and you have Wall and Beal to deal with and Otto Porter , Smith said. Im going to be interested in seeing what the mentality is strictly on defense.

Said Kellerman: If CJ Miles hits that shot (in Game 1) then we’re talking about how lowly Indian took home court from the Cavs.

We assumed the Cavs would just get out the East, until the second half of the season when JR Smith came and (they picked up key players)…you thought…here comes the reinforcements. They never turned it on defensively so I thought watching this Cavs team that they just dont play enough defense. They could get knocked out before the finals.

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