Massachusetts HS Student Used Twitter To Change The College Application Game

I've always thought college kids were using social media the wrong way. Twitter thirst and retweeting Kevin Hart are noble pursuits, but me personally, I hopped on the Twitter bandwagon for professional reasons during my junior year. Long story short, by using Facebook and Twitter, I got my first internship and made some valuable industry connections. Last month, 18-year-old  Massachusetts high school senior, Bernie Zak used Twitter to change the college application game.

After getting wait-listed by UCLA during the application process, Zak engaged in a social media blitz on UCLA's official university Twitter account with tweets using the hashtag #

“I didn’t want to just wait,” Zak told “I wanted to do something.”

UCLA was so impressed that by tweet 32, he'd been notified of his acceptance by UCLA's admissions department. College tends to foster uniformity, so hopefully Zak retains that creativity.


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