Masai Ujiri Named NBA Executive of the Year, But What’s That Really Mean?

The Denver Nuggets aren't situated in a major market, but they've shown how to stay competitive when a superstar decides he's too big-time for a small-market franchise. The Nuggets went through this with Carmelo Anthony. Instead, of groveling at his feet, or going to counseling and showing him a catalogue of coaches they'll hire for him, Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri found the best possible scenario and pulled the trigger. This summer, Ujiri took advantage of Orlando's mishandling of Dwight Howard and landed Andre Iguodala. The NBA rewarded him on Thursday by naming him Executive of the Year.

The Nuggets are winning award season, but they could barely muster a win in the postseason. Ujiris celebration is going to be short-lived. Iguodala could opt-out and become an unrestricted free agent and leave the Nuggets hanging. You need superstars to make a dent in the playoffs and Nuggets couldn't do that even with Iguodala, Lawson and Coach of The Year, George Karl. You have to commend Ujiri for assembling a roster that could win 57 games in a rough and tumble Western Conference, but they've hit their ceiling. MVP candidates make playoff waves. Coaches and execs win the season. Enjoy those regular season awards, because they're the only ones they'll get  to place in their trophy case.


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