Mary J Blige “My Life” Documentary Trailer Engulfs The Emotions Off The Rip

The Shadow League has been a faithful supporter and fan of Mary J. Blige’s incredible rise from the urban ashes of forgotten America to one of the most influential and emotion-evoking singers of the last century.

In 2013 we interviewed her just as she was stepping into the acting realm.


Three Questions for Mary J. Blige


We covered her triumphs and her personal tragedies with the same engagement because she was so remarkable and expressed her pain so eloquently and authentically.


Mary J. Blige’s Father Stabbed


When she took her acting to the next level and started getting nominated for Oscars, that boosted her brand into another celebrity atmosphere. The girl who was on Bad Boy Records, wore knee pads, a baseball cap to the back, and was up in your face with it back in the 90s had elevated to true Hollywood queen status.


From Around The Way Girl To Oscar Nominee: Rooting For Mary J. Blige


Her starring role in 50 Cent’s hit series Power Book 2 is her most celebrated film performance to date.



She’s actually settled into her role as Monet, head of a crime family, very well.



As the wheels of time turn, Mary’s legacy continues to grow with her refined elegance. With so much of her life being spilled into her music, there are still deeper moments that her legion of fans knows nothing about.

In fact, the way Mary so openly released her pain onto the track, actually discouraged people from digging deeper into her life and everything that it encompasses.

Well, in her new documentary, “My Life,” Mary finally offers her fans a documented drive down memory lane as she opens up about her childhood, her journey to stardom as well as the personal challenges that became the blueprint and driving force behind so many of her magical, captivating and classic songs.

Here’s the trailer, which evokes the same emotion as a Mary J. Blige song. 




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