Marcus Lattimore’s Frustrated With Niners Pacing His Rehab

It's part of a running back's nature to play with reckless abandon for their own physical wellbeing. If it means taking a few extra blows to the body in the process of grinding out an extra half yard, it's a sacrifice most of them make. It's the same mindset that rookie 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore has. It's also why teams have training staffs in charge of pacing athletes during their recoveries from serious injuries. San Fran is interested in his long-term health, not short-term gains.

His recovery from a gruesome knee injury last October has been expeditious, yet cautious. However, for Lattimore, the rehab hasn't been progressing as quickly as he'd like and in his opinion 49ers are the source of his frustration. He's unlikely to take part in any contact in practice or on the field in 2014, but that hasn't had an effect on his desire to spring back into action

Via Pro Football Talk:

I just want to train as hard as I can,” Lattimore said. “But I understand why they want me to slow down. . . . I want to have a long, healthy NFL career.”

The knee injury Lattimore suffered in October was so severe that there were fears it would end his football career, so it would be amazing if he plays this year at all. No matter how hard Lattimore wants to push himself, he should put his focus on gradually improving to get himself ready to play — probably in 2014.

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