Marco Coolio Is Back: Rubio Drops Jay-Z and Wiz Khalifa Lyrics in Congress

Marco Rubio loves hip hop and he wants you to know it. He's done multiple interviews on the subject and drops Tupac references into sessions with the press every now and then. People started askin' questions — including us. The Senator from Florida was trying a little too hard. 

That was before he dropped a "Work Hard, Play Hard" Wiz Khalifa reference while helping his boy Rand Paul filibuster. He threw in a more respectable, "It was all good just a week ago" shout to Jay-Z later in his speech. 

WHPH? Please. I'd be stunned if the man has ever heard of Taylor Allderdice, and his rep for quoting an artist's biggest song is becoming apparent. And, usually I wouldn't really care what level of hip hop fan anyone is or might be, but a politician? Doesn't pass the smell test.

Rubio is being positioned as the face of the new Republican party — and what that is remains to be seen, because their actions look awfuly similar — and the hip hop angle, while possibly genuine at some point in his life, looks a lot more like a ploy.

Do less.

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