Man Who Murdered Michael Jordan’s Father Has Parole Canceled | Larry Demery No Longer Will Be Set Free In 2024

James Jordan, the father of NBA legend Michael Jordan, was killed in July 1993 as he slept on the side of a road following a long road trip.

The two killers, Larry Demery and Daniel Green, were 17 and 18 years old. Both have been in prison since they were convicted of the killing.

In August 2020, the N.C. Parole Commission agreed to parole for the younger Demery. The parole was scheduled to happen in 2023, but was suspended another 12 months until August 2024. That parole has since been canceled, and now Demery could spend the rest of his life in prison. No details have been given as to why the parole was suddenly canceled.

Demery And Green Were Quick To Turn On Each Other Following Their Arrests

Demery and Green have both tried to say the other pulled the trigger that fateful day. The motive, according to prosecutors, was robbery after noticing the tag of the red Lexus sports car driven by the late James Jordan.

Both were sentenced to life in prison in 1996, although Green is adamant he didn’t pull the trigger but does admit to helping Demery dispose of James Jordan’s lifeless body into a swamp some 60 miles from where the killing took place. The two claim they didn’t know MJ’s father was the victim of their treachery until they rummaged through the glovebox of the stolen sports car.

The fact that Demery was inititally granted parole was strange because in the state of North Carolina, convicts serving life for murder are not usually up for parole. Especially not the killer of MJ’s Dad.

MJ Took Time Away From The Game Following His Dad’s Death

Following his dad’s unfortunate death, MJ, coming off a championship three-peat (1991-93) took a hiatus from the NBA. He joined the Chicago White Sox baseball organization, where he was sent to their Class AA minor league affiliate the Birmingham Barons. He never really made a splash in the sport, but he got a chance to partake in a sport he loved as a kid, on a professional level.

Following nearly a two-year break from the NBA, Jordan returned as the 1994-95 season began to wane. Who can forget how he returned with these two words: “I’M BACK.”

Following his return, the Bulls completed a second three-peat (1996-98). After that first title following his dad’s death MJ cried on the floor of the locker room. It was so much raw emotion being displayed by the greatest basketball player we’ve ever seen.

Demery And Green Shouldn’t See The Light Of Day

To kill is morally wrong, but to then dispose of the body some 60 miles down the road into a swamp is inhumane. For that alone these two killers shouldn’t be paroled.

The Jordan family has to be relieved to hear that it was overturned and they hopefully won’t have to keep reliving that fateful 1993 summer day over and over again.

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