Maison Martin Margiela and H&M To Join Forces


Belgian design house Maison Martin Margiela, is working with affordable retail giant H&M to bring a line of cheaper clothes to the general public. Margiela is a very expensive brand that specializes in cool and attractive clothes for both men and women.  It is also one of the current brand du jours getting name dropped in two out of every four new hip-hop joints.  Jay-Z was early, when he mentioned them in Run This Town, Kanye shouted the brand out in Ni**as In Paris and every stylist worth her salt brings Margiela gear to as many photo shoots and TV appearance as possible.

Like most high-fashion/low-fashion hybrids, this H&M and Margiela mash-up will seek to carve out a place in the market for the savvy shopper. The person who pays attention to next level products but only has regular level money. Weird thing is, all the clothes will be retreads of stuff that was hitting a few years back. Essentially, they’re throwbacks, and they’re counting on consumers being too ignorant to know better. If you’re one of  the people who value name brands over actual quality, this works great. You’ll be able to stunt without having to pay the minimum on your light bill. My question is, what about the power of wearing dope, exclusive gear? There's gonna be five different dudes rocking the same jacket and sneakers at every party you go to. Fam, you good with that?

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