Mack Brown Has Not Been Ousted From Texas — Yet

Texas was never going to go out and embarrass Mack Brown by firing him outright. However, it was made abundantly clear over the last four seasons that the program was trending downwards and that their head coach had lost some of his shine. On Tuesday afternoon, Chip Brown of in Texas reported that Brown was preparing to step down as head coach.

For one day, the Dallas Cowboys nearly became the second-biggest story in Texas. Alas, the story has been denied by Brown himself, who is currently in Florida –not looking for retirement homes. We think.

via Horns247:

"I haven't seen (the) article," Brown wrote. "I'm in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down I sure wouldn't be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down."

This whole saga is getting stranger and stranger as it drags on. Surely, the kids he's recruiting have asked about his job instability. However, Brown has yet to receive the approval from new athletic director Steve Patterson. Sources within the Longhorns athletic department say it could be decided in a 48 hour time frame. However, the Texas Board of Regents will meet on Thursday to drop the guillotine or stay Brown's execution until early next week. Depending on how this plays out, the Alamo Bowl against Oregon may be Brown's swan song.

Now if only they'd do something about Rick Barnes.