Lupe Fiasco is on a “Mission”

Aiming to do what no other rapper has done, Lupe Fiasco is on a mission. Literally.

His new single “Mission” shares the story of those battling cancer with tales of a child with lymphoma, a woman with breast cancer, and a man who’s learned of his disease at a stage too late to save. But this isn’t a morbid somber song. The first single off his fifth album, Tetsuo & Youth, which drops this summer, Lupe illustrated the point of people fighting to not give in emotionally and mentally to their disease. Lyrics include, "I ain't scared/I ain't flinchin'/Sorry Mom, but I gotta say it/But where I'm from they don't make bitches."

"Mission' is a song near to my heart from both personal experience and of those close to me," he said in a statement. "We are on a mission and hope others will join in our efforts."

The celebrity ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C), Lupe has always used his art to uplift and motivate, famously speaking out and being banned from the White House after a controversial performance. But this hasn’t stopped his forward movement. Last week, Fiasco was named music director of Team USA’s 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign. Friday, May 30, he’ll make an appearance in NY to support and promote the new initiative on fan appreciation day.

The initiative has Fiasco creating playlists through Spotify. He’ll do this by collaborating with his DJ group, SNDCLSH, handling music programming for FIFA and the World Cup.



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